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The new BMS corporate movie is launched


BMS alpha Z3 debut

BMS alpha Z3 at large building site in Bonn

BMS alpha E32 in use [ger]

BMS Fluid Mini Pump in use [ger]

BMS alpha Z3 Styropor at large building site in Oldenburg! [ger]

BMS customer "Heidelberger Fliessestrich" works with BMS Worker N°1 Fluid Pump [ger]

BMS Bau-Maschinen-Service AG - Worker N°1 Fluid Pump [ger]

Worker N°1 Fluid Pump "special edition"

BMS Alpha Z3 - cleaning the cooling system [ger]

BMS Bau-Maschinen-Service AG - WORKER N°1 Fluid Pump at large building site "Uni Paderborn"